The commune of Apoldu de Jos is located in the Western part of the Sibiu county, 34 km away from the city of Sibiu (on A1 motorway, through Apoldu de Jos) and 5 km away from the town of Miercurea Sibiului).

The commune of Apoldu de Jos may be considered as an Entrance Gate to the “Land of Secas Rivers”  being the first commune that opens  the list of the localities situated in the plateau, coming from Mărginimea Sibiului. The area is located on the upper river basin of Secaşul Mare River , and it became famous under the name of  Apold-Miercurea depression , the area is extending in the low-mountain area between Secas Rivers  Plateau and Sebes Mountains.

The administrative territory of the Apoldu de Jos commune includes two localities: Apoldu de Jos and Sîngătin; there is a distance of only 5 km between the two localities, and thus they developed historically quite in the same way, they are socially, ethnically and economically interdependent.

All along ancient history, the land was continously populated, and there are a lot of archaeological proofs to bear witness for this, the ancient villages were administrative centers or subcenters (called in ancient times (scaun or plasă) because of their median location compared to the villages located in Mărginimea Sibiului and those located in Secaşului Mare River area. This is one of the reasons why the land is so rich in cultural heritage, the communes preserved the natural and cultural characteristic of the Land of Secas Rivers, and was included in the two architectural vernacular of Saxon origin and inspiration (Apoldu de Jos şi Sîngătin), which is specific to the whole area.    

The vision for the future of the Land of Secas Rivers was simply stated:

„The Land of Secas Rivers is a territory where it is good to live, full of people with entrepreneurial spirit, good for business, well known for its traditions, culture, environmental patrimony and local products.”

The „ Touristic Circuit of Wooden Churches” project proposes to valuate the eight wooden churches existing in the Land of Secas Rivers and implementation of a visiting circuit in order to promote the whole region for tourists.

The general objective of the „ Touristic circuit of wooden churches” project is:

„Development of touristic activities in Apoldu de Jos commune in order to contribute to the increase of the number of jobs and alternative revenues for its inhabitants, as well as the enhancement of rural area atractivity.”


Sincerely yours,

Ioan Nicoară

Mayor of Apoldu de Jos